De Mug

The name originates from the previous owner, or to be precise his brother Jan, who looked just like him. He was such a fanatic football-player at Zeelandia, which made his opponents say ‘’You gotta watch out for him, him stings like a mosquito!’’. Due to this and a slim appearance the brothers were referred to as ‘Mosquito (mug in Dutch)’ in the local area. During the renovation of the bar the locals from Middelburg walked in regularly to ask Barend ‘Are you renovating the mosquito? Well I’ve been there quite a lot of times to grab a drink!’. Midavaine therefore picked this name as the replacement for the previous name: ‘Jarmuiden’.

Krantenfoto café-restaurant De Mug Middelburg

De Mug from 1881 to the present day

The premises at the Vlasmarkt 56 in Middelburg, where the current Mug is located, is from 1973 when Barend Midavaine took over De Mug from Sjaak Degenaars. Barend Midavaine started renovating the monumental building and created the magical De Mug that it is today. A brown pub (there’s actually no translation for that, but it originates from the time that people created a bar in their living room, it has basically an atmosphere that makes you feel at home), with an impressive beer-menu, a fine Burgundian kitchen and above all: a warm atmosphere, coffee-house and later a bar ever since the end of the 80s in the 19th century.

Owners throughout the years:

  • 1888 Daniel Dekker and Fransina Minderhoud
  • 1899 Jakob Gabrielse
  • 1934 Willem Gabrielse
  • 1966 Sjaak Degenaars
  • 1881 Abraham de Klerck
  • 1886 Cornelis de Klerck
  • 1973 Barend Midavaine
  • 2008 Mikkie van Ossenbruggen

The investment-company The Roosevelt Group B.V. from Amsterdam brings experience back into De Mug. Chef van Eijk will be in charge of De Mug! In the previous years he has gained a lot of experience at restaurant Rosso in Rotterdam.

De Mug named the best bar of the Netherlands

In 2005 De Mug was named the best bar of the Netherlands by Misset Horeca. Misset Horeca: ‘De Mug in Middelburg has come first place at the bar Top 100 and can call itself the bar of ‘Bar of the Year’. Last year the bar came in at the 9th place.  The second edition of the list of best bars was published in the trade magazine Misset Horeca. A jury, consisting of 17 industry professionals, has visited over five hundred bars throughout the Netherlands. The premises have been judged based on hospitality, atmosphere, quality of drinks, hygiene, appearance and clientele. De Mug was the best, because according to the jury it’s a ‘special’ bar with a very diverse clientele’. Barend Midavaine, who’s the owner of the bar for over thirty years is called ‘the prototype of hospitality within the bar-business’. In addition to that the jury is also full of praise about the staff: ‘the staff is correct, friendly, fast, full of care and professional’. ‘It’s a very big deal’, reacted Midavaine, still blown away by winning first prize, ‘It’s really the crowning for my work. I’m gonna buy some new shoes in a bit so I can keep standing on the floor properly’ he said very proudly. His bar was often visited by known Dutch people like Paul van Vliet, Youp van ‘t Hek and the members of the pop-group BLØF.

Het grote Mugboek café-restaurant De Mug Middelburg

The Big Mug-book

If you’d like to know more about the history of De Mug, we suggest you to drop by and check out The Big Mug-book. It’s a book with nice stories, funny anecdotes and nice old pictures.